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Well, I have a media person She is an Artist but also a computer wiz…. StudioNatk.  You can find @StudioNatk and @Gemassistfoundation on Instagram 

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Gemassist Brain Awareness Foundation is a Private Philanthropist due to we are a small 501c3.

As i have posted before I am not very good at a Blog  but I will try now and then. Hopefully, the “then” will increase.  Sometimes, I have lots of encouragement from other Brain Injury patients or Hemiplegic Migraine patients 

Brain plasticity which I have experienced and  also known as neuroplasticity, is a term that refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. When people say that the brain possesses plasticity, they are not suggesting that the brain is similar to plastic. Neuro refers to neurons, the nerve cells that are the building blocks of the brain and nervous system, and plasticity refers to the brain’s malleability.


This is my Blog and Hope You enjoy reading what I have. Some Professionals, I like to add their information for reference: